The word HU as an ancient chant dates back at least 5,000 years and possibly far beyond that.

The Benefits of Chanting HU

The HU has been used for thousands of years by various cultures and world religions as a means of accessing greater conscious contact with God or Divine Spirit.

Chanting this ancient word has been known to decrease stress, provide greater happiness and harmony in life, and it can lead to a sense of peace and love. It encourages a balanced perspective and is described as helping to provide insights into daily problems and bringing comfort in difficult times.


How to Chant HU

Hu can be chanted out loud or silently. To gain the benefits of Hu, it is suggested to chant it in a long-drawn-out fashion (Hu-u-u-u-u) with eyes closed for 10-15 minutes. Many people also report that chanting Hu silently with eyes open in their daily lives is also helpful. It is good to focus on something or someone you love. While chanting, some people like to visualize a place they find peaceful or uplifting.

After chanting for a bit, it can be helpful to sit quietly for another 5-10 minutes and just notice the thoughts as they pass by in the screen of the mind.

Chanting Hu provides many benefits that include improved harmony with other people, protection in times of need, a sense of peace and inspiration, and increased access to spiritual guidance.

Hu is currently chanted by thousands of people in most countries around the world.

Why People Chant HU

People from a multitude of faiths and spiritual paths have chanted the word HU as a song to God. The perceived benefits are many, including peace and comfort. It can be chanted to calm a troubled heart and to heal emotional wounds. It is also chanted in order to gain a sense of peace, courage and contentment. It is believed that by helping to enliven the vibration of an individual, chanting HU can enhance all aspects of one’s life.

It is believed that chanting HU for approximately 20 minutes each day can uplift and inspire, provide wisdom and insight, and help one gain freedom from the pull of negativity in the physical world. Ultimately, the word HU is about love—opening the heart to God’s love and being grateful in return.


To Learn More About HU

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